RealityRipple Software Certificate Authority

Digital certificates are a method of assuring that someone is who they claim to be. They use a private-key system to sign things like programs or other certificates in order to verify the source. This signature is often used as an identifying marker for security methods like HTTPS or Windows Programs.

Every digital certificate is signed by a Root Authority which is responsible for all the certificates under it. RealityRipple Software provides a Root Authority certificate to assist in validation of applications - to prove their source is legitimate and that the files have not been modified.

You may obtain a Certificate from RealityRipple Software's CA by filling out the required information, if you can prove you are who you claim to be. But keep in mind that RealityRipple Software's Root CA is not included in any default CA lists, so any use of it requires users to import the Root Authority into their Trusted Root Certification Authorities list.

Request a Certificate File

Code Signing CertificateE-Mail CertificateTLS Certificate

To Import the Root Authority into your Trusted Authorities list, download the Root Authority certificate below. When it's downloaded, open it and ensure it says "RealityRipple Software Root CA" both as Issued to and Issued by. Click the "Install Certificate..." button and place the certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities certificate store on the second page of the Import Wizard. Click Yes when you get the Security Warning about adding the Root CA.

Download a Certificate Authority File

Download Root CA

Download Code Signing CADownload Advanced Code Signing CA

Download E-Mail CADownload Advanced E-Mail CA

Download TLS CADownload Advanced TLS CA

Certificate Revocation Lists

The Root CRL was last updated on Saturday, February 18th 2017.
The Code Signing CRL and Advanced Code Signing CRL were last updated on Saturday, February 18th 2017.
The E-Mail CRL was and Advanced E-Mail CRL were last updated on Sunday, February 19th 2017.
The TLS CRL and Advanced TLS CRL were last updated on Sunday, February 19th 2017.

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